ApexBinary LTD: Regarding our recent website down time
Dear investors
As of today the 20th of March, our website faced a huge DDOS attack on our web server which caused a down time for a couple of hours.
Our technical team have been working on fixing the issue, and eventually everything is fixed and works like a charm!
Thank you for putting your trust in us and remember we are always dedicated to our investors benefit in first place.
Mark Gentles, ApexBinary LTD CEO
Mar-20-2014 08:20:45 PM
DailyProfitMakers: 150 days online!
Today marks our 150th day online in the hyip industry, we arebproud to say that we are one of the longest pating short term around now. we thank all our numerous investors for their trust in our company, we will continue to uphold our honor and serve you all for many years to come. We will be giving 60% bonus on all deposits this week this is just a bid to celebrate our victory.

Thank you
Daily profit makers team
Mar-17-2014 06:55:28 PM
ApexBinary LTD New Website Design
Dear Investors, We are glad to inform you about ApexBinary new website design that was implemented today along with the script and all the features!
Experience the new style of ApexBinary today!
ApexBinary LTD - Trust Through Transparency
Mar-17-2014 06:54:27 PM
DailyProfitMaker: Changes to be made

In the coming days, we would like to chnage certain areas of our company, we would change our design, bring in new traders, implemnet a live chat service as well as upgrade our hosting. We had a very properous week in the foreign exchange market with a record of 219% profit.

Thank You
Charles Duncian

Mar-7-2014 06:52:01 AM
AltProgress Update
Hello our valued members!

Attention for Payeer investors:
you can also get your payouts without any fees from our side in PerfectMoney e-currency.
To do this exchange just request withdraw as Payeer payment with your PM account number in the comment field.

Also, we reaffirm the information about 10% instant bonuses for all deposits more than $1000.

Have a nice day!
Let us know if you need any assistance.

Mar-7-2014 12:44:42 AM
AltProgress Update
Hello our valued members!

Please one sec attention for Payeer investors:
you can also get your payouts without any fees from our side in PerfectMoney e-currency.
To do this exchange just request withdraw as Payeer payment with your PM account number in the comment field.

Have a nice day!
Let us know if you need any assistance.

Mar-6-2014 04:18:05 AM
AltProgress Update
We are just add Payeer as our new payment gateway.
Feel free to use this payment system to make and receive payments via Alternate Progressive Foundation website.

Have a nice day, let us know if you need any assistance.

Mar-4-2014 06:01:59 PM
PrimeInvest: Egopay Added Now!
Hi, Dear Investor !

Egopay Added Now !

Check and Deposit..
Feb-12-2014 12:22:26 AM
AlphaDollars: WEBSITE UPGRADE!!!
Hello our beloved users,
We are glad to inform you about our latest upgrade on the view of our website. We have been making great progress so far in this company and everything has been moving marvellously well, and we have been paying our numerous investors, that is why we have made this upgrade as part of the testimonial prove. You can go now to our website
https://alphadollars.com to have a new experience of Alphadollars growth. Feel free to ask us any question that bothers you. Thank you!!!

Darren O ''''Neil
Jan-20-2014 11:56:30 PM
Indigo Hill: Newsletter No. 2
Dear Naboda,

Indigo Hill Investment Inc. is pleased to issue our 2nd Official Newsletter to keep you updated about

the latest development about our program. We would also like to thanks all our members for their

continuous support and trust in our services.

Since the start of the project on 25-Dec-13, we got and maintaining our position as one of the prominent and

growing programs in the market which can be seen at Alexa Ranking.

We would like to inform our members of the following developments.

1. We accept direct BitCoin and LiteCoin deposits. Our BitCoin address is 1EtwJNwUiwHTg2qrKpM9SrzAGXfoX5Fgzr

and LiteCoin address is Lft4XmQ23JJfQuPugtbPC1eaors4VqKhSu.

2. We accept majority of e-payment processors which include Perfect Money, EgoPay, OKPay,

and Payeer. We also accept hard cash using Bank Wire, Western Union and Money Gram.

3. We are working with our designer for some design changes to make it more convenient to use and to give your better looking design.

If you are satisfied with our services, please support us in Forums which are listed below and vote for us in monitors.

· http://www.talkgold.com/forum/r407830-.html

· http://www.moneymakergroup.com/Indigo-Hill-Indigohilli-t462775.html

· http://www.dreamteammoney.com/index.php?showtopic=194210

If you need any assistance, please contact us either using Live Chat Support

or by replying to this email.

Thanks & Regards,

Michael S. Tunnell



Stand Out in a Crowded Market!

Jan-20-2014 11:55:53 PM
New Year Greetings Wishes, Happy New Year 2014
Hello friends,

New year comes with glows of hopes in our mind
It gives us new confidence and courage for a fresh start
Happy New Year and all the best for new ventures

Jan-2-2014 03:12:00 AM
Indigo Hill - HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014
ndigo Hill Investment Inc is grateful to all our members, promoters, and monitors administrators who stayed

with us during 2013 and will continue with us in 2014.

Thank you for all your support in 2013. It has been a pleasure helping you reach your goals, and we look forward to

serving you in the 2014 and years to come.

We wish you peace, happiness, and success in 2014!

All our activities (Incl. withdrawals and support) will be normal during the holiday season

as we care our client the most.

If you need any assistance, please contact us either using Live Chat Support

or by replying to this email.

Thanks & Regards,

Michael S. Tunnell



Stand Out in a Crowded Market!
Jan-1-2014 07:04:16 PM
BitFundCorp: Update
Hello BFC Members!

We have had some hack attempts lately - in particular our payout script. We have since moved it to fully manual and our system goes into safety when this happens (and goes down). We will be making all payouts over the next 24 hours.

Dec-26-2013 07:23:19 PM
AlphaDollars: CHRISTMAS BONUS!!!
Please this message is only for members who has already invested with this company (no monitors included).

We are offering a 30% Xmas bonus to members who has invested with us both in perfectmoney,egopay and solidtrustpay. Please copy the batch number or the payment confirmation proof of the last payment you received from us and send to admin(alphadollarsinv@gmail.com). Once we have confirmed that you are the owner of that payment proof,your account will be credited with 30% of the last money payed to you within 48hrs.
Keep enjoying your Christmas and remain blessed. THANK YOU!!!

Darren O''neil

Dec-24-2013 06:57:51 PM
AlphaDollars: Server Problem Rectified

For the past 48 hours, we having been encountering server and technical difficulties that is why we have not been able to process any withdrawal automatically, the problem has been rectified and all pending withdrawals will be cleared as soon as possible, and the automated withdrawal system will be in place. Thank you for understanding

The Alpha Dollars Team
Dec-17-2013 08:06:27 PM
AlphaDollars: Forex News!!!

Currency Strategy at Society Generated notes that AUD and CAD are both going to remain vulnerable, with ugly technical pictures matched by commodity price sensitivity and in the cause of the AUD, a central bank that is probably quietly cheering.

“AUD/USD now targets the January low at 0.7520, while we expect USD/CAD to break 1.16. Though we are a bit surprised the FX market hasn''t yet differentiated more between tops and lows from this deal and still anticipating an action from them.”

“Turkey looks like a big short-term winner but the lira is unmoved. If USD/TRY breaks back below 2 (which seems likely), that may be a trigger for more EMFX differentiation.”

We are expecting very huge returns from these trades.

Garry Cloe
Director of Forex Department
Dec-3-2013 07:40:11 AM
Honest Traders: YOUR ACCOUT CAN BE DOUBLED... Check it out
Hello Naboda,

We are very much happy to announce to you all that today marks our 20 successful days online paying all our dearest investors and clients who trust us with their investments. More deposits are coming in daily and we now have over 2000 active investors.

With the progress we are having, we have decided to give our members 50% deposit bonus. The bonus is valid for only deposit of $100 or more, clients who deposit up to $1000 or more will get 150% bonus that is extra $1500 on your deposit. The bonus can be withdrawn or invested. This offer last for only now till 10th of December.

Honest Traders Team.
Dec-2-2013 02:28:33 AM
BitFundCorp: Perfect Money Cashouts
Hello All,

We are waiting on a conversion to Perfect Money from Bitcoin to make the payments. These will be processed as quickly as possible and will be done within the next 1-24 hours.

BFC Staff
Nov-28-2013 09:39:11 PM
Dear Investors, we welcome you once again.

Our growth is steady and we have so far total deposits of over 15k and that is bit healthy growth for the company we believe.

We are growing nicely and cash flow is coming daily with increasing level of trust from investors, we sincerely need your support to serve all of you better.

We have instant or fast payment in some cases so don’t panic when instant payment don’t work we are here for sure for a very long time. All pending withdrawals will be processed soon.

We also request all of you to verify your PM or EGOPAY account before you give withdraw request and make sure you include your PM or Egopay account if it is not there.

Last but not the least, invest big here with confidence and we will definitely make all of you profitable.

Thank you so much.

Nov-28-2013 04:23:34 AM
Genius Capital Limited: GCL launches its own Chatroom - talk with other members, earn prizes & more!
Dear Naboda,

Communication with our clients has been always our priority. Our customer service department works 24/7 to cater your needs.

Today we have made a big step forward to promote the transparency and relationship within the GCL community. Our programmers have recently developed a real-time online chat for our customers to meet each other, share their success stories at GCL and ask questions directly to the GCL staff. Moreover, in the nearest future we plan to organize live events with attractive prizes to our customers for participating and so on.

Here is a little more information about the chat itself. First off, currently it is not yet available 24/7 due to introduction period and analysis. You may locate an interactive chat button when you are logged in at the top-right corner. If the button is there, it means chat is running and feel free to take a seat as well by clicking on the button. You may sign into the chat using your Facebook or Twitter account or simply entering as a guest is also an option.

Few rules though:
1) Discussion only in English language and regarding GCL project;
2) Advertising any other investment project will result into a permanent ban;
3) Be nice and friendly to other members :)

To sum it up - GCL team consists of actual people (yes, not just robots and hardware, LOL) and we're willing to establish a connection with our customers and between them.

Yours Sincerely,

Ralph Bancroft (Director)
Phone: +1 888 333 0480
Nov-28-2013 04:23:06 AM
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