Mind Investments Pro Update
Hello our valued members!

PerfectMoney website back to the normal, everything is ok now.
All payouts already processed, thank you for your patience.

Have a good day,
Mind Investments Pro Team
Dec-3-2014 02:58:01 AM
Cealver Financials: Perfect Money technical problem
Dear Member,

We have noticed that some payments via Perfect Money are pending. This is happening because Perfect Money payment processor has a technical problem and their website is inaccessible. All payments will be cleared as soon as Perfect Money solves their problem.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Cealver Financials Ltd
Dec-3-2014 01:44:56 AM
Mind Investments Pro Update!
Hello our valued members!

The main thing in all programs is stable payments you waiting from us.
All payouts was processed on time, thank you for your trust and support.

Mind Investments Pro Team
Dec-2-2014 02:05:28 AM
Popular Finance House: 100,000$ bonus, as lottery award
100,000$ bonus for 500 made deposit members : from Date December/1/2014 December/10/2014 till

Just for Made deposit members in our plans with active deposit,
(More deposit, more credit for award lottery):

Premium Plan investors: 5000$ bonus for 100 investors

Silver Plan investors: 10,000$ bonus for 100 investors

Gold Plan investors: 15,000$ bonus for 100 investors

Diamond Plan investors: 25,000$ bonus for 100 investors

Classic Plan investors: 45,000$ bonus for 100 investors

With fast withdrawal processing!
Popular Finance House Int. Co.
Dec-1-2014 05:26:12 AM
Five Cash: Happy Hour is on now!
Hello Investors!

Happy Hour is on now! Invest during this hour and get the Happy Hour bonus. Your deposit will be increased by a certain percent which will produce a larger daily interest. The offer is limited, so hurry up while it's hot!

Bonus: 8%!

Minimum: 25$

Slots: 30

Best regards,
Five Cash team
Nov-15-2014 07:24:07 PM
Weekly Profit: Important Newsletter
Hello users,

Due to technical error in our server we was unable to recieve and send emails. But the problem is solved so we will reply our all members emails within 1-2 hours.

Sorry for inconvenience.


Weekly Profit
Nov-6-2014 10:59:09 PM
Ruby Oil: Bonus Deposite
Hello users,

Get a 5% bonus if you make a deposit of at least $ 100. Deposit bonus you can withdraw at any time.

Nov-5-2014 08:58:20 AM
Follow Linberger and Sons Ltd. On VK.Com and Additional News
We all know that VK.com is for Russians mainly, but we want to be everywhere, so Linberger has a page up on VK.com and...

All Russian investors please follow us on Linberger and Sons Ltd. on VK.COM

You can follow or add us on our other social network accounts seen on the footer of our website.

The first sets of deposits are expiring today (12 days) and we processing withdrawals without a glitch. Seeing the growth and response of our members is very pleasant. We know that this will only grow and become one of the favorites of investors mainly because of our stable plans and operations.

We have also enabled "Deposit Expiration Notification" for all expiring deposits so that each investor is informed when a deposit of his has already expired.

I just received interview questions from DavidNews.com so expect the interview to be answered and really soon and read it all on the DavidNews.com website. Thank you for checking the news today.

Much Regards,
Linberger and Sons Ltd.
Oct-29-2014 10:24:20 PM
Popular Finance House: Maintenance break today
We will have maintenance break today .
We Will update our server and our Script .
new antivirus will install
Thanks for you patience.

Best regards,
Popular Finance House Int.
Oct-22-2014 05:01:14 AM
Wine Capital Partners Reward Offer
Hi everybody!

Wine Capital Partners offers you limited bonus for members with active deposit (non-monitors)!
You must visit 10 monitors from our Rate page (any allhyipmonitors website you like), vote for our program and confim your votes when needed. That's all task for you.
Now simply login to your WineCP account and send us support ticket "Send my bonus now! Voted!".

Our support stuff will compare the voting IP addresses with yours and send you bonus (you will like it!) to your account instantly!
It's easy and quick. The main rules: you can get reward once a day, payment currencies: PM, Ego & Payeer.

Don't forget we are loyal for multiaccounts, you can open as many accounts as you need.
It is not important for us who will get referral commissions: your second account or your upliner.
There is no difference for the program and we think it is fair.

Have a nice weekend, have a fun with WineCP offers!
Wine Capital Partners
Oct-3-2014 07:20:55 AM
Wine Capital Support Chat
Hello Everybody!

We are happy to say that now you're able to chat
with support team alive. You can enter chat from the Support page anytime you need.

Have a nice day!
Wine Capital Partners Support Team
Oct-2-2014 01:58:18 AM
FinMutual Extended Maintenance Complete
Our extended maintenance period is now complete. Thank you to those who have always been patient during any maintenance period we have had. The administration portion of the website is now back online as well as our support ticket system. Anyone who did not receive a payout yesterday, those will resume first. As always we have had a 48 hour time frame in place in the case of maintenance and/or downtime. Thank you for respecting our time frames and not opening support tickets delaying response to others who need actual support.
Jun-19-2014 09:48:33 AM
FinMutual Maintenance Notice
We are currently conducting urgent server maintenance on multiple aspects of the website. This has been occurring since 6PM Eastern Daylight Time and will likely continue through 9AM Eastern Daylight time of Thursday, June 19th. The website should be accessible at all times, but certain functions may from time to time be inoperable. This newsletter is being sent out prior to the administration portion of the website going under maintenance. Thank you for your patience in our server maintenance to ensure always secure access for all our members and a good user experience.
Jun-19-2014 05:20:55 AM
Update from ProExpertFx
Respected Members,
Please post your withdrawal proofs in your respected Forums.
So we will growth our company with your support.
Please don't forget to Post your proofs.
Jun-11-2014 10:01:43 AM
FinMutual Newsletter
We deeply apologize for the up and down status of our website on Monday. We suffered extreme packet loss on the network our server is located on for the majority of the day which led to the off and on accessibility of the website. Thankfully it was eradicated and Tuesday has been a normal day at FinMutual.
Jun-3-2014 08:00:41 PM
ApexBinary LTD: Regarding our recent website down time
Dear investors
As of today the 20th of March, our website faced a huge DDOS attack on our web server which caused a down time for a couple of hours.
Our technical team have been working on fixing the issue, and eventually everything is fixed and works like a charm!
Thank you for putting your trust in us and remember we are always dedicated to our investors benefit in first place.
Mark Gentles, ApexBinary LTD CEO
Mar-20-2014 08:20:45 PM
DailyProfitMakers: 150 days online!
Today marks our 150th day online in the hyip industry, we arebproud to say that we are one of the longest pating short term around now. we thank all our numerous investors for their trust in our company, we will continue to uphold our honor and serve you all for many years to come. We will be giving 60% bonus on all deposits this week this is just a bid to celebrate our victory.

Thank you
Daily profit makers team
Mar-17-2014 06:55:28 PM
ApexBinary LTD New Website Design
Dear Investors, We are glad to inform you about ApexBinary new website design that was implemented today along with the script and all the features!
Experience the new style of ApexBinary today!
ApexBinary LTD - Trust Through Transparency
Mar-17-2014 06:54:27 PM
DailyProfitMaker: Changes to be made

In the coming days, we would like to chnage certain areas of our company, we would change our design, bring in new traders, implemnet a live chat service as well as upgrade our hosting. We had a very properous week in the foreign exchange market with a record of 219% profit.

Thank You
Charles Duncian

Mar-7-2014 06:52:01 AM
AltProgress Update
Hello our valued members!

Attention for Payeer investors:
you can also get your payouts without any fees from our side in PerfectMoney e-currency.
To do this exchange just request withdraw as Payeer payment with your PM account number in the comment field.

Also, we reaffirm the information about 10% instant bonuses for all deposits more than $1000.

Have a nice day!
Let us know if you need any assistance.

Mar-7-2014 12:44:42 AM
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